Our Services

Our Services

Singapore is home to a multibillion-dollar downstream oil & gas industry. The largest global energy companies base their refinery and storage activities here, contributing to over 5% of the GDP in Singapore. Greenchem performs an important function in providing hazardous waste management services to the regional downstream sector.
Our customers include the region’s largest oil & gas and specialty chemicals companies.


  • Multinational oil & gas companies represented by refineries in Singapore
  • Oil storage terminal companies
  • Shipyards, marine, and offshore engineering companies

Lubricant Blending

We have been blending high-quality lubricants for automotive, industrial and marine applications


Storage Tank Cleaning

We provide a full spectrum of cleaning services for storage terminals.

Waste oil

Recycling & Re-refining of Waste Oil

At Greenchem, we use the Distillation/Clay Process which offers ease of operation in a cost effective manner.


Industrial Cleaning

We own a fleet of modern cleaning equipment to serve the industrial requirement.


Solvent Recycling

We can offer our customers full recovery and recycling services for used solvents.



Hazardous Transportation

In order to collect the hazardous waste, all our vehicles are certified to guarantee the waste are safely transported and well stored.